Grindhouse Is Released

The wraparound cover for Grindhouse

Grindhouse, the highly-anticipated new anthology from  Crowded Quarantine, has been released for Kindle.

From some of the best writers in the genre comes this all new collection of exciting, exploitative and downright nasty tale. From bug infestations to body mutilations, no stone is left unturned by these sick and twisted minds. Marvel, if you will, at the evil teddies; try to remain calm as the babysitter gets more than just free food and a nice tip; come out from behind the sofa and finish the tale about the flesh-eating clowns; regulate your breathing as the pole-dancer learns some new tricks. It’s all inside this terrifying anthology, and much, much more.

The full TOC is as follows:

Jason Radak – A Gathering Of Mourners

Airika Sneve – The College Boy Crap-Out

Rebecca Besser – Insanity

Dustin Walker – Cheap Farm Labor

Dustin Reade – Grease Paint And Monkey Brains

Jay Wilburn – Humans Eat Free

R.W. Hawkins – Dead Men And The Damned

Wayne C. Rogers – Shanghai Ed

Indy McDaniel – Stuffed Innocence

Patrick MacAdoo – Remediation

Joshua Dobson – Shrieking Foully For Release

Philip Roberts – Creating A Beginning

Zoe Adams – Darkest Dreams

Holly Day – Thunder

Allen Jacoby – Eye For An Eye

Dale Eldon – Potato Man

Wesley Southard and Nikki McKenzie – Home Invasion

The Kindle version can be bought here, and the paperback will be released shortly.


~ by crowdedquarantine on June 11, 2012.

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