“The Estate” Hardcover Edition Available to Pre-Order

The Estate Fixed

The hardcover version of Craig Saunders’ forthcoming novel is now available to pre-order.

How far would you go to save those you love? Into the house of the damned? Into Hell itself?

It takes a near death experience to open Sam O’Donnell’s eyes to what he is – just another addict on the road to ruin. He knows it’s time to make a fresh start. And yet, when Sam and his wife move to an estate by the sea, nothing goes as planned. The estate is not what it seems. Something has taken it over. It is cold. It hungers. To save all he loves, Sam must go into the house of the damned…and into Hell itself. When weighed in the balance, a man can only face his demons alone and pray he is not found wanting.

But Sam is not alone.

With cover illustration from the inimitable Jethro Lentle, this beautiful jacketed hardcover is available to order now through Paypal for only £18.99. You will receive your order weeks before the scheduled release date of October 31st.

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~ by crowdedquarantine on August 12, 2013.

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