New Release: The Way of All Flesh by Kevin Walsh

The Way Of All Flesh

The Way Of All Flesh

The new novel from Kevin Walsh, The Way of All Flesh, is now available for Kindle. The paperback version will be available in the next few days. We will update this post with links to booksellers as it appears on their systems. Cover image courtesy of Danielle Tunstall Photography. Check out more of her awesome work here.

In this world of rotten-sunder, survivors know that Hope is dead in a ditch somewhere, drowned in its own blood. Everybody learns that life in a world of the dead is not what it seems, and that their life hangs in the balance on a thread no thicker than a strand of gristle. Compassion and love were devoured by the maggots long ago, and happiness was nothing more than a ghostly shadow lingering the dead streets.

As directed by Congress, upon the cusp of societal collapse, every single inmate of the USA was released into the dying world. They considered it an act of humanity, but for those still living, it was a mistake of epic proportions. A vicious group of inmates led by Jake, Dan, and Ray, rove the undead landscape, leaving a trail of fire, blood and broken bodies—human and zombie alike—in their wake.

Steve and Tim join up with other survivors as they try to make sense of their rotting world. They travel the desolate countryside, trying to come up with a long-term survival plan as they fight the desiccated hordes in every flesh-stripped town.

Nischal was a psychiatric patient, a former veteran, and a man with a severe identity disorder that made him switch personalities on occasion. Despite his extensive training and corpse-cold attitude about killing, he journeys along on the brink of insanity as he slaughters anything in his way.

Their paths are on a collision course, and neither side could have prepared for what would happen next. In an unforgiving hell, the survivors learn the hard way that Mother Nature does not play games, and that death will not discriminate, and neither will the teeth of the undead.

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