Smell of the Dead – Dale Eldon

Smell of the Dead Final

Dale Eldon’s forthcoming novella, Smell of the Dead, is now available to pre-order.

No guns.

Running out of air.

An almost unstoppable enemy.

On the slopes of Mount Everest, Terry Marshall and his fellow scientists have left their lives behind and embarked on a mission to escape an evil conglomerate known only as The Company. The plan is to fake their own deaths, before The Company takes their lives for real

To summit and descend the mountain is hard enough, but that’s the least of the camp’s problems. The dead won’t stay dead. A virus manufactured by Terry and his colleagues has been unleashed, turning the infected into flesh-eating lunatics.

If the cold doesn’t kill them, the dead will…

Smell of the Dead is released in Paperback, and as a digital book, on 30th September, but you can pre-order for only £7.99 with £2.00 worldwide P+P by clicking the Paypal button below.

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