Wol-vriey is Nigerian and quite tall.

He currently resides in a state of uneasy stalemate with his threatening-to-thin-beyond-redemption hair, and believes there actually are things that go bump in the night. Wol-vriey recycles the ridiculous into reasonable reality for the reader.  His WEIRRRD philosophy?               WEIRRRD = Warp/Write Everything into Realistic Ridiculous Readable Distorted Dream Dimension Descriptions.

His books ‘Alice’s Adventures in Steamland: The Clockwork Goddess’, ‘The Bizarro Story of I’, and ‘Chainsaw Cop Corpse’ are published by Rooster Republic Press (www.roosterrepublicpress.com).

As well as appearing on Bizarro Central and in online e-zines, his WEIRRRD fiction is featured in numerous print compilations, including the Bizarro anthologies ‘The Big Book of Bizarro’ and ‘Tall Tales with Short Cocks.’

Wol-vriey is also the warped mind behind the band ‘Rocksurface’ (www.myspace.com/rock.ng), and the experimental electronic ensemble ‘Earxygen’ (http://soundcloud.com/earxygen)

Wol-vriey’s novel, Meat Suitcase, will be released later this year.


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