Food For The Crows – Aurelio Rico Lopez III

I can’t tell you how the world got this way. I haven’t got a clue. Evolution, God’s wrath, a top-secret government project gone horribly wrong, alien
invasion, a mutated strain of virion, too many Justin Bieber tunes on the airwaves…take your pick. My name is Paul, and I’m surviving in a world teeming with the undead. It’s not much of an existence, but it’s one I’m growing used to. And then there’s Rey, the boy who thinks his sister, Camille, is still out there somewhere. I’m not so sure, but Rey has faith. He wants us to find her; I just want to play my guitar in peace. I don’t think Rey’s going to let me, not until we’ve found Camille. This is our story…

Food For The Crows

Food For The Crows

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Paperback UK

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