Tones of Home – Thomas A. Erb

Ashley and Maurice are in love and heading to her hometown for the holidays and to share the good news with her family. Those two things are enough to drive any young man to drink, but add the fact that he’s from the south and Afro-American, heading to the rural upstate town of Arcadia Falls, NY, where the reputation of toothless and inbred rednecks scares even the streetwise kids from North Carolina, and Maurice knows the ride will be anything but smooth.. Nevertheless, they are truly in love and Maurice is sure he’s encountered worse on the gang-filled streets of Durham. He is wrong… After a series of practical jokes go wrong, Maurice is introduced to the Vanslycke family, which is where the party really starts. An overzealous brother and a promiscuous bartender are the least of his concerns. Four strangers are about to enter the Torchlight Inn and change their lives forever. Blood begins to flow as the faux Fab Four hunt for “The One” and won’t leave until they find them. Nobody is safe. Can the young lovers escape? Who is “The One”? What do the Frightful Four want? Welcome, grab a drink, and settle in for a night at The Torchlight Inn.
TOH Cover Front

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