CQP Acquires Rich Hawkins’ THE LAST PLAGUE

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We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the debut novel from Rich Hawkins, THE LAST PLAGUE. Rich was published in both Grindhouse, and Tales For The Toilet, and we are thrilled to bring you his first full-length work, a remarkable, action-packed and unique take on the apocalypse.

A great plague has washed over Great Britain, turning those infected into murderous abominations whose only desire is to feed and infect others. The novel follows four friends as they struggle to survive in a world of madness and death. Who can they trust? Where do they go? How do they kill the infected?

THE LAST PLAGUE will be released in the summer of 2014.



Smell of the Dead – Dale Eldon

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Smell of the Dead Final

Dale Eldon’s forthcoming novella, Smell of the Dead, is now available to pre-order.

No guns.

Running out of air.

An almost unstoppable enemy.

On the slopes of Mount Everest, Terry Marshall and his fellow scientists have left their lives behind and embarked on a mission to escape an evil conglomerate known only as The Company. The plan is to fake their own deaths, before The Company takes their lives for real

To summit and descend the mountain is hard enough, but that’s the least of the camp’s problems. The dead won’t stay dead. A virus manufactured by Terry and his colleagues has been unleashed, turning the infected into flesh-eating lunatics.

If the cold doesn’t kill them, the dead will…

Smell of the Dead is released in Paperback, and as a digital book, on 30th September, but you can pre-order for only £7.99 with £2.00 worldwide P+P by clicking the Paypal button below.

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Walled In – Cover Reveal and Interview with David Owain Hughes

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Walled In - Released December 2013

Walled In – Released December 2013

We are pleased to reveal the cover for David Owain Hughes’ post-apocalyptic novel, Walled In, which will be released in December. Featuring cover art by Fernando Sanhueza, the story is set in south Wales, where a military experiment has gone horribly wrong, unleashing a new chemical weapon. The weapon, which had been designed ‘in the dark’ was intended for use on enemy troops when engaged in battle. The chemical, comprised of Bird Flu, Bovine, and Foot and Mouth, turns its targets into murderous lunatics for 24hrs before the body finally shuts down. This is one end-of-the-world novel you won’t want to miss.

Hey David, So, tell us a little about yourself. Where were you born and where do you now call home?

I was born in a little Welsh town by the name of Church Village, south Wales. I came out kicking and screaming at around 06.00hrs, on the 7th of June, 1981. I was a big baby, apparently. Somewhere in the 9-10lbs region; I guess I started how I was meant to go on. I was also late, which is probably the first time in my life. My mother was slightly disappointed I couldn’t cling on another few days, as her birthday is on the 12th. I still reside in south Wales, which will always be home to me, no matter where I am in the world. I’m about to move in with my girlfriend, and I can’t wait to get settled into a new home with her. We’re looking at properties close to Cardiff, where we’ll both be working – I could never live in the city. I’m no city slicker. I couldn’t do it. I’m also a father of one, and I have a disgusting soft spot for cheesy power ballads and 80s metal/rock. Whitesnake rule!

When did you first start writing?

God, that’s a hard question! I thought this was meant to be fun? I kid. I always like toying with this question, because I can never come up with an answer for it. I’d like to say I was still at the tit, but I don’t think so. I know I was pretty young, but not that young. I remember writing stories in my English class from a very tender age, to which the subject matter always raised a few eyebrows. Hey, I was proud of those big red F’s I used to get stamped all over my work. It’s always good to know your writing has got under someone’s skin in one way or another. If I was going to say when I started writing, I’d have to say it was either 8 or 9. But professionally? I’d say around the 23 mark I started taking it seriously.

It’s Friday evening, about 8pm, what are you doing?

Friday evening, hey? Where are you taking me? Some place nice? Will I need to do my hair and make-up? You’d probably like me to say that I’m sacrificing goats on a pentacle in the Welsh hills, whilst spewing incantations, but unfortunately, when it comes down to it, I’m pretty boring in my twilight years. When I was a younger man I’d be at the boozer on a Friday evening, drinking beer as though I’d just finished a shift at the saw mill. But these days I can be found in front of the box with a cup of tea and a Hobnob at hand, whilst watching some classic horror movies with my Bolton beauty. Either that or doing some reading or writing; the joys of old age. I have to say, slowing down is nice. There’s much more time to get my work done at home, instead of trying to jostle three pints past a crowd of five deep at the bar.

Why horror?

Man, you really, really aren’t going to make this easy, are you? Again, like the “When did you first start writing” question, I’m not entirely sure there is a concrete answer to this one. I guess both questions can be tied in with one another, too. I’ll explain. When I was growing up, I had two older brothers living with me. When my parents went out of a Saturday evening, I’d be left with one of them, who would inflict horror, ninja, and pirate films on me. If there wasn’t a drop of gore in it, then it wasn’t rented. I’d probably seen most of the video nasties by the time I was 8. So, horror has been in my life pretty much from the start. And now, at the age of 32, it is never going to go away. It’s who I am. It’s my identity.

Who is your biggest inspiration, professionally?

I have three major influences in my life. Richard Laymon is the first and foremost. When I discovered his books in my early twenties, it inspired me to have a good crack at my writing. I didn’t do very well in school and so my writing and English was shaky. I decided to go back to college and then on to university, where I excelled in my writing degrees. I’m proud of what I have managed so far, especially having started off with no real strengths – just a passion for horror and vileness. Even though I have drawn a lot of strengths from Laymon and his writing, it has to be said a lot of influence has also come from shock rocker Alice Cooper, and legendary film director, George Romero. I grew up on these guys and their works. I also like a lot of comedy, which I tend to mash with my horror writing.

You are in bed, a bump in the night wakes you, you have to go investigate. Using only implements from your bedroom, what is your weapon of choice?

Let it be known, I do love a bottle of Hobgoblin. On many an eve I can be found sipping away the delicious ruby ale whilst at my desk typing away. I sleep in my office a lot, so the first thing that would probably come to hand is an empty beer bottle; either that or my Collins dictionary. Man, that thing could floor an elephant!  And, once the bastard was down, I’d probably garrotte him with my earphones.

Tell us a little bit about Walled In.

I started writing Walled In (which was my first punt at novel writing) as coursework for my dissertation. I was undergoing the final year of my BA and this is what I came up with. Man, it was a struggle getting it submitted. Some of the tutors were not impressed with the graphicness of it; especially the first chapter, where we meet the character of Eddie. But, in true Laymon fashion, I stuck to my guns and wrote what I wanted to. I wrote it how I wanted it to appear on the page, even if it meant dropping marks. I’d always wanted to do a zombie story, but could never seem to get one started. Back then, the whole zombie craze had not kicked off, but I guess it was lying dormant. Waiting to stagger out of the darkness and bite us in the arse. The story’s about a chemical warfare weapon that escapes a military lab outside Cardiff. Even though the story is action-packed and full of zombies and gore, I wanted to make it about the people, the survivors and what we do to each other when we are in drastic situations. The walking dead are the cherry on the cake. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the crew at The Walking Dead for making zombies cool once again.

What projects are you currently working on?

At current, I have a short story on the go which is developing into something much bigger. I may have a novella on my hands, but I’m unsure. The story is called 13A, which is about a young woman who wakes up in a locked car park late at night. Needless to say, bad things happen to her. Also, I’ve not long taken on a job as editor with a magazine in New York, which goes by the name of Blood Magazine. That position is keeping me rather busy at the moment, with lots of subs to read and plenty of writing. The writing mainly consists of film and book reviews, articles and interviews with whomever I can lay my grubby little digits on.

You are stranded on a desert island. Before the ship went down which 3 books did you rescue?

In The Dark and Endless Night by Richard Laymon and The Mailman by Bentley Little. The Mailman is the only book to have ever chilled me to the bone. Little is a fantastic writer, and if you haven’t discovered him yet, I suggest you do. Now.

Do you see dead people?

Only in my nightmares, baby. However, I do see the walking dead every day when I go to work. That 9-5 world in the city is a giant graveyard: people shuffling to and from work, their eyes hanging out of their skulls. Nah, that’s not for me. I hope to take my writing to high levels, and do it full-time. That’s the dream, anyway.

How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?

I don’t really have any set formulas nowadays. I did go through a phase of writing short stories that involved an antagonist with an everyday job: undertaker, letting agent, chemist, ventriloquist, etc…I used to make them geeky. That kind of weird-looking creep you see standing at the bus stop of a morn. It’s fun. I do tend to write about everyday people, and you’ll see that in Walled In, especially in Jeff.

Have you ever suffered writers’ block?

God, yes! I’ve not long come off the back of an arid spell. It seemed to last an age, but I broke it toward the end of last year. I guess the best way to get through it is to hang tight, and to try to make yourself write what you can. Even if it’s gibberish. I find going back to a favourite author helps me, too. Settle down with your favourite work and let it engulf you.

If you could leave your readers with one legacy, what would you want it to be?

In all honesty? I’d just like to leave behind a wealth of great stories; stories that will withstand the test of time, and have my readers going back over them time and time again. Isn’t that what we all want as writers? I remember a tutor of mine telling us once, you shouldn’t write to entertain people. Why? What else is there? Okay, so it’s good to express oneself, but when it comes down to it, for me, I just want to entertain. It’s all good. Cheesy? Blame the classic rock. And yes, I am poking my tongue out at you, oh holy Master of Questions.

Chocolate cake or fruity cheesecake?

Chocolate cake, definitely – I don’t really have that much of a sweet tooth, but when I do it’s a hankering for chocolate. We all need our fix now and then, right?

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world on a novel, who would it be and why? What’s the story about?

Hmm, I don’t want to be obvious or boring here, so I’m going to say Shaun Hutson. I love Shaun’s no-nonsense style of writing, and I absolutely love Slugs and Breeding Ground. They are highly entertaining books. I feel Shaun and I would come up with something very sick and twisted between us – it would involve creatures far beyond our darkest nightmares.

Finish this newspaper headline: “David Owain Hughes is….”

…a whoremonger…

Thanks David

Oh, the pleasure was all mine. Cheers.

Walled In will be released this December.

New Release: The Way of All Flesh by Kevin Walsh

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The Way Of All Flesh

The Way Of All Flesh

The new novel from Kevin Walsh, The Way of All Flesh, is now available for Kindle. The paperback version will be available in the next few days. We will update this post with links to booksellers as it appears on their systems. Cover image courtesy of Danielle Tunstall Photography. Check out more of her awesome work here.

In this world of rotten-sunder, survivors know that Hope is dead in a ditch somewhere, drowned in its own blood. Everybody learns that life in a world of the dead is not what it seems, and that their life hangs in the balance on a thread no thicker than a strand of gristle. Compassion and love were devoured by the maggots long ago, and happiness was nothing more than a ghostly shadow lingering the dead streets.

As directed by Congress, upon the cusp of societal collapse, every single inmate of the USA was released into the dying world. They considered it an act of humanity, but for those still living, it was a mistake of epic proportions. A vicious group of inmates led by Jake, Dan, and Ray, rove the undead landscape, leaving a trail of fire, blood and broken bodies—human and zombie alike—in their wake.

Steve and Tim join up with other survivors as they try to make sense of their rotting world. They travel the desolate countryside, trying to come up with a long-term survival plan as they fight the desiccated hordes in every flesh-stripped town.

Nischal was a psychiatric patient, a former veteran, and a man with a severe identity disorder that made him switch personalities on occasion. Despite his extensive training and corpse-cold attitude about killing, he journeys along on the brink of insanity as he slaughters anything in his way.

Their paths are on a collision course, and neither side could have prepared for what would happen next. In an unforgiving hell, the survivors learn the hard way that Mother Nature does not play games, and that death will not discriminate, and neither will the teeth of the undead.

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“The Estate” Hardcover Edition Available to Pre-Order

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The Estate Fixed

The hardcover version of Craig Saunders’ forthcoming novel is now available to pre-order.

How far would you go to save those you love? Into the house of the damned? Into Hell itself?

It takes a near death experience to open Sam O’Donnell’s eyes to what he is – just another addict on the road to ruin. He knows it’s time to make a fresh start. And yet, when Sam and his wife move to an estate by the sea, nothing goes as planned. The estate is not what it seems. Something has taken it over. It is cold. It hungers. To save all he loves, Sam must go into the house of the damned…and into Hell itself. When weighed in the balance, a man can only face his demons alone and pray he is not found wanting.

But Sam is not alone.

With cover illustration from the inimitable Jethro Lentle, this beautiful jacketed hardcover is available to order now through Paypal for only £18.99. You will receive your order weeks before the scheduled release date of October 31st.

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Meat Suitcase by Wol-vriey

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Meat Suitcase Final

Meat Suitcase, the new bizarro novel from Wol-vriey, is available now in all formats.

Welcome to Ekland, the surreal fairy tale landscape where the troops of Deadline Central war against the Ek for the survival of humanity. The Ek are a race of mutated horses seeking to attain emotional and mental evolution by stealing
human souls. They’re super-intelligent, violent, and ruthless. They might just succeed in wiping out humankind, but for two people:

1. Meet Daniel Osiris Soldier, Deadline Central’s one man army. Soldier is the ultimate warrior-a man incapable of feeling fear.

2. Meet Sergeant Katherine Manson, Soldier’s unit NCO. Sarge is harder that stainless steel fingernails and twice as dangerous. She’s also fantastic at manipulating transformation weaponry.

The Ek may kill everyone else on Earth, but as long as Soldier and Sarge remain alive, murdering the human race is simply a waste of time and ammunition. The war hasn’t even begun yet. Have no fear, Soldier is here.

Amazon US Paperback

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Amazon UK Kindle

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For a chance to win one of five paperback copies, enter the Goodreads giveaway below. Competition opens on August 3rd and closes this Halloween.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Meat Suitcase by Wol-vriey

Meat Suitcase

by Wol-vriey

Giveaway ends October 31, 2013.

See the giveaway details
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Of Devils & Deviants: An Anthology of Erotic Horror – Now Open for Submissions

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Of Devils & Deviants: An Anthology of Erotic Horror

Of Devils & Deviants: An Anthology of Erotic Horror

Of Devils & Deviants: An Anthology of Erotic Horror

We are pleased to announce that a new anthology, Of Devils & Deviants, is now open for submissions. Please make sure you read all of the information provided.

Submission Guidelines

What We Are Looking For

Of Devils & Deviants will be a literary anthology, released as a hardcover book and a digital book, of around 90000 words with the theme of erotic horror. Your submission must contain elements of both to be considered. We want stories that will make us think, we want tales of the flesh, of the lengths people will go to for gratification. Think Cronenberg and Lars Von Trier; Clive Barker and HR Geiger. We want beautiful prose and originality. Most importantly, we want the darkest, creepiest story you’ve ever conceived.

What We Don’t Want

We don’t want slasher horror; a naked woman getting hacked to death will not be considered for this collection. We will reject any stories that contain rape, bestiality, and the abuse of minors. We will be looking for originality, so stories featuring well-worn tropes (vampires, zombies, werewolves) will almost certainly be rejected. We don’t want gore for the sake of it, and we don’t want something that could be used as a porn-film script.


  • Submit your work in Standard Manuscript Format to crowdedquarantine@mail.com with Fiction Submission: Your Story Title in the subject line. Attach your story as a DOC, DOCX, or RTF file.
  • Include a brief cover letter in the body of your email stating your name, story title with word count, byline, address, and any professional publication credits you think might interest us.
  • We will accept works of 2000-7000 words. Please query if you intend to submit outside these guidelines. We may be able to help.
  • No simultaneous submissions, please, and no multiple submissions (please wait to hear from us before sending another story for consideration).

Standard Manuscript Format refers to William Shunn’s proper manuscript format, details of which can be found here: http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html The only variation on these guidelines is that italics MUST appear as they will be used; no underlining.


Reprints will be considered if they meet our requirements. Please let us know when submitting if your story has been previously published, including details of where it was published and when the rights reverted back to you.


We pay 1p (2¢) per word for all stories. Accepted authors will receive three hardcover copies of the anthology, and will also be able to purchase further copies at cost (not including shipping). Payment will be made within 30 days of publication.


We are seeking Worldwide English Language rights for 6 months in print and digital formats.

Submission Deadline and Publication Schedule

We will remain open for submissions until November 1st 2013. Our tentative publication date has been set for February 1st 2014.